Advantages of Membership

Top Ten Advantages of IAEAPE Membership

Membership in IAEAPE is something that is enjoyed by EAP professionals across the country, and even the world, many who consider it to be a valuable, critical aspect of the work that they do.  Membership is open to any individual with a substantial, responsible interest in the employee assistance program or faculty and staff assistance program in an educational institution.

"Hey," you think to yourself as you read this at your desk, "I work for an EAP at an educational institution.  This all sounds dandy, but I must know: What will membership in IAEAPE do for me?"  What a great question!  And, we have an answer for you. 

Here are the top ten reasons that you might want to join IAEAPE:

  1. Professional Peer Support group that operates in a very participatory and collegial manner
  2. 30% discount for the Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health (a $36 savings!)
  3. Active listserv participation. There are frequent interactions on a wide variety of EAP-oriented operations and policy issues. Some of the topics that are routinely discussed are as follows; how to measure utilization rates, responding to outsourcing and RFP issues, compliance with DOT regulations, staff supervision, Fitness for Duty procedures.
  4. Presentation and research opportunities at Annual Conference
  5. Network opportunities
  6. Professional Development opportunities and programming
  7. Very reasonable membership dues
  8. International membership directory
  9. Committee activities and leadership opportunities
  10. Annual International Conference

Curious?  Convinced?  Questions?
Please let us know what you're thinking.  We're always more than happy to talk with people about the value we find in our organization.  Head over to our Contact page and talk to us.  Someone will get back to you soon to answer your questions.