2012: Annapolis, Maryland

Visioning the Future of Employee Assistance: Where Do We Want To Be?
As Empoyee Assistance Professionals in educational institutions, we are all too aware of the wave of constant change around us.  Budget cuts, departmental changes, technological advancements, social movements and expectations - the future is coming.  The question for us is: where do we want this change to take us?  Where do we want to be?
This was the theme of our 2012 conference, held in historic downtown Annapolis, Maryland.  The Conference Committee had put together a fantastic program of events that will challenged and motivated us to consider how we move forward in these changing times.
A Special Thanks to Supporters of the 2012 IAEAPE Conference:
Conference Schedule and Other Materials

The schedule of events for the conference, along with all conference materials, may be downloaded in .pdf format below.

The Banquet.
This year, we were in for a special treat.  During the traditional social evening event, conference attendees were entertained by one of our own!  That's right, kids: stalwart IAEAPE member Tom Ruggieri brought his band, CPR, to the conference, and they rocked the house while we danced the night away listening to some great tunes.