Dues Structure

According to the Bylaws (Section five: Membership Dues), dues for membership in the Association shall be reviewed and determined at each Annual General Meeting.  Currently, the dues are set as follows:

Membership Dues:

  • $50 Member
  • $35 Additional Member from the same Institution
  • $35 Member Emeritus
  • $35 Student Member

Dues are payable on the first of the year and cover from January 1st through December 31st.  For a new member who joins at the time of the Annual Conference, the conference registration fee includes membership until the end of that year.  Dues for a person who joins after October 1st in any year is set at half the yearly rate.

Membership Definitions:

There are four categories of membership in the Association:

  1. Member.  The following individuals are eligible for membership:
    1. Employee assistance professionals who provide service to educational institutions
    2. Representatives of educational institutions with employee assistance programs
    3. Individuals in the process of developing employee assistance programs in or for educational institutions

    Membership requires payment of the annual dues as determined at the Annual General Meeting. Membership confers full voting privileges in the Association as well as the privilege of listserv participation.

  2. Additional Member.  When an institution has more than one individual who satisfies the criteria for Member, all but the first Member will pay dues at a reduced rate. The Additional Member rate is the Member rate discounted by 30%. Except for the rate difference, Additional Members are entitled to all the benefits of Membership.
  3. Member Emeritus.  An individual who has left the EAP field in good standing and wishes to continue his or her membership in IAEAPE is eligible to be a Member Emeritus. He or she will be granted full membership at a 30% discount from the dues set for regular Members.
  4. Student Member.  A student who has a placement in an EAP with a current Member is eligible for Student Membership. She or he will be granted full membership at a thirty percent discount from the dues set for regular Members.