Pay with PayPal/Credit Card

Pay with PayPal/Credit Card

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PayPal/Credit Card Instructions

1. Choose an option from the drop down menu (for example, the First Membership choice for $50) and press the "Add to Cart" button.

2. This will open up a new window that displays your "Cart."  This should show the membership option that you clicked on the page before.  In our example above, the cart should reflect that you have one (1) First Membership in your cart, and your total is $50.

3. To add more memberships to the Cart, you must press the Continue Shopping button. Doing this closes this Cart window automatically and will return you to the original page with the Add to Cart button.  

4. Use the drop down menu to choose a different membership (for example, the Additional Memberships choice for $35). Press Add to Cart.

5. Again, the Cart window will open, and now will show both membership options you have chosen.  In the example above, you would see that the cart shows both the First Membership and the Additional Membership listed in the cart, with a total of $85.

6. Let's say that you have four people in your office. The first is accounted for with the $50 membership, and one additional one is accounted for as well with the 1 $35 membership. We need to make the cart reflect 3 $35 memberships, right? So, simply change the Quantity of the $35 membership from "1" to "3", and then press the "Update Cart" button. This changes the total for Additional Memberships to $105, making the whole Item Total now $155!

7. Be sure to write in the name of each person who will be covered by the payment in the designated text box.

8. When you are done, press Proceed to Checkout to process the actual payment through PayPal.  If you've paid for multiple members, the checkout page will only list the name of the first person whose dues were processed, but the information for the others will be included in the record of the payment on the PayPal website.  

9.  Note that you do not need a PayPal account to purchase memberships (process credit card payments) using this method.

    Questions? Contact our Treasurer, Neil McGillicuddy, at: